Frequently Asked Questions

Do you monogram caps?

No. There is a big difference between a cap and a hat, and I do not do any work on caps.

Do you clean and block hats?

I can perform hat renovation and complete re-crafting, including cleaning, blocking and restoration on any fine-quality headwear. There are some repairs I cannot do, however. There is little to be done for tears in the felt, other than a patch, and those do not last.

Are all hats cleanable?

It depends on the quality of the hat. I can only clean fine quality fur hats.

Are the hats waterproof? Can you wear them in the rain?

Yes, My fine-quality beaver felts are fine in rainy weather.

What do your hats cost?

Most beaver fur blend hats start at $325 and up while 100% pure beaver starts at $375 and up, depending on size and colors. Lighter colors tend to be more expensive because the process is more involved. I've also obtained some limited edition 2.5oz supple lightweight beaver, opening at $450. There is truth in the adage, 'You get what you pay for.' I use only the finest quality material for your custom-made hat, and it is hand crafted with 36 years of experience behind it. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the final result.

Are you mad as a hatter?

The term "Mad as a hatter" comes from the old practice of using mercury to put a special finish on headwear. Over-exposure to the mercury in this process would indeed lead to insanity. However, because of the obvious medical hazards, mercury is no longer used for that process.

Can you duplicate my grandfather's hat?

I can duplicate any high-quality headwear, by color, finish, trim, and style.

What kind of publicity have you received?

I have been featured in numerous publications including GQ, Cigar Aficionado, Fortune, Esquire, Ebony, ARTVoice, Buffalo daily News, USAir Attache, New York Times, New York Post, Associated Press, Awake! and Business First.

Do you have an email address?

While an email address would greatly speed up communication, I feel it does not replace the personal relationship of a phone call or in-person meeting. While I am considering an email address in the future, at this time I do not have one.

Awesome website! Who made it?

My friend Brian Rada has completely redone my website, creating an organized design, added and updated the content and I really like it. If you have any questions or praise for the website, please send them to .

Any other questions, feel free to give me a call at 716-896-3722 and I will be glad to answer them.

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