How to Order

Ordering a new hat is a careful process. After deciding the style and color you wish, it is very important that I know your hat size and head shape as well. Size is measured using a dressmaker's tape anchored at mid-forehead and pulled snugly around the head. The resulting number of inches is then divided by Pi (3.1428) to calculate the hat size. For example, a measurement of 22 inches results in a hat size of 7.

After you determine your hat size, it is also important to consider your head shape.

Three distinctly different head shapes, round oval, long oval, and wide oval have a direct impact on the making of your custom hat. If you are unsure, or unable to visit locally, I can determine the head shape and make recommendations using photographs. Only two photos are necessary- one image from the front of the face and one side profile as well.

If you are out of town, you can print out and complete the order form located below. Be sure to include your head measurement in inches or your current hat size and two recent photographs and mail to:

The Custom Hatter
1318 Broadway Street
Buffalo, NY 14212


Please allow 6 to 8 weeks to deliver your Custom Hat!

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